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Terms and conditions of use of the website Arbitration Bulgaria

We at Arbitration Bulgaria (Arbitration Bulgaria/we) thank you for your interest in our website.

Arbitration Bulgaria maintains and provides you access to its information website – http://www.arbitrationbulgaria.com (the Website), where general information for arbitration in Bulgaria and our team is available.

Before you continue with your visit, we kindly ask you to read cautiously this document, containing the terms and conditions of use of the Website (the Terms and Conditions).

If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, you shall not use the Website. Use of the Website shall be considered a sign for consent on your part to use it strictly following the rules set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

I. Who are we?

The Website http://www.arbitrationbulgaria.com is administered and managed by Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm (DPC), with partners Georgi Georgiev Dimitrov, Bogdan Kostadinov Petrov, Alexander Todorov Todorov, Metodi Petrov Baykushev, Hristo Ivanov Nihrizov, Zoya Nikolaeva Todorova, Boyana Asenova Milcheva and Desislava Emilova Krasteva, entered in the Unified Register of Law Firms at the Supreme Judicial Council, registered with a court decision under company file No. 6082/2005 in the company registry of Sofia City Court, BULSTAT 131433772, VAT number: BG 131433772, having its seat and registered address in Sofia, 28 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., floors 6 and 7, Bulgaria, with e-mail address: team@arbitrationbulgaria.com.

II. Services and resources available on the Website

The Website aims to present different case law in the field of dispute resolution and arbitration and our team, and at the same time contains useful and diverse information regarding our expertise in dispute resolution and arbitration.

Various news can be found on the Website related to us and our areas of activity and innovations in the legislation. The Website provides the opportunity to contact us by using the contact form available on the Website.

The content available on the Website is elaborated by the team of DPC or by third designated parties and is addressed to clients and partners of DPC as well as other readers interested in the field of dispute resolution and arbitration.

The content and the opinions therein are not a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the considered legal issues.

The presented analyses and other information materials are not legal advice or consultation, and shall not be apprehended as sufficient for dealing with specific legal issues, cases, etc.

III. Intellectual property and reproduction of content

The rights of intellectual property on all elements and resources, located on the Website, including but not limited to brands, logos, information materials and design of the Website are subject to protection in accordance with the applicable legislation, belong to DPC, or to the designated third parties and shall not be used in violation of the legislation in force.

The right to access the Website does not include the right to copy, reproduce, save or transfer information or subjects of intellectual property to be used in any unauthorized way unless it concerns insignificant in volume information intended for personal use, provided that the legitimate interests of the authors or other holders of rights of intellectual property are not unduly prejudiced and in case the copying or reproduction are carried out for non-commercial purposes. Regardless of the above, it is not allowed to remove the signs for trademark and affiliation to another right of intellectual property from its accessible materials, regardless of whether the holder of the relevant rights is DPC or a third party. The use of any type of content or other subjects of intellectual property, published on the Website is allowed only for personal, non-commercial purposes. The use of such content for other purposes can be accomplished only after explicit written permission by DPC or the relevant third party.

IV. References to other websites

In order to provide additional information and for the convenience of the visitors, references/links to websites administered by third parties may have been published on the Website. The publishing of these references shall not indicate that DPC supports or agrees with the content the reference leads to, nor that it approves, recommends, or promotes the products and/or services listed on the relevant webpage.

DPC holds no responsibility for the content and services accessed by these websites and their access and use is a subject of their terms and conditions of use. DPC holds no responsibility for damages and lost profits, derived from the access to or use of such websites, or for the unreliability of the content, published therein.

V. Responsibility of DPC

We put effort in maintaining the information available on the Website always up-to-date and presented in a qualitative, understandable and accessible way, but we cannot guarantee the completeness of the content and do not engage in deadlines for updating the information.

We aim to provide the visitors a normal and unimpeded use of the Website. However, we reserve the right to interrupt or suspend functionalities of the Website at any time, as well as to stop the maintenance and the access to it entirely without this leading to any responsibility for us. In addition, we reserve the right to remove, amend or supplement the published content at any time.

DPC holds no responsibility for damages possibly caused in relation to accessing or using the Website, unless caused by us intentionally or in case of gross negligence.

DPC holds no responsibility for damages caused to the software, the hardware or the facilities and equipment of the visitors or for loss of data derived from materials or resources downloaded or used in any way through the Website.

DPC does not have the obligation and does not guarantee that the access and use of the Website shall be continuous, timely, secure and error-free. DPC holds no responsibility for not providing access to the Website and a possibility to use it or for their provision with a degraded quality due to performing tests on our part with the aim of checkup of equipment, connections, networks, etc., as well as tests for improvement or optimization of the functioning of the Website.

The visitors shall accept the possibility for interruptions and other types of difficulties when making the internet connection to the Website which can arise regardless of the effort on our part.

VI. Responsibility of the visitors

The visitors shall be obliged not to perform malicious actions when visiting and using the Website. By “malicious actions” are taken into account all actions or inactions violating the internet ethics or causing damages to individuals connected to the internet or associated networks, sending unwanted mail (unsolicited commercial messages, SPAM, JUNK MAIL), overflow of channels (FLOOD), receiving access to resources with rights and passwords of others, using disadvantages in the systems for their own benefit or obtaining of information (HACK), performing actions which could be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destruction of systems or information arrays (CRACK), sending “trojan horses” or causing installation of viruses or remote control systems, interfering with the normal  operation of other users on the internet and associated networks, performing any type of actions which could be qualified as a crime or an administrative violation in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation or under another applicable law.

The visitors shall be obliged to compensate DPC and all third parties for all damages and lost profits caused by them, including paid property sanctions, attorney remunerations, litigation costs and other costs, as a result of claims by and/or paid compensations to third parties, related to actions/inactions of the visitors when using the Website in violation of the Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, these Terms and Conditions or good manners.

VII. Personal data protection

In relation to administering the Website we shall process personal data in compliance with the applicable law and in accordance with the rules and principles, pledged in our Privacy Policy when Using the Website (the Policy), published on the Webiste and available from the menu in the footer of each of its webpages. The Policy is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions and by using the Website, you declare that you have read and understood the Policy. If you do not agree with the way we process personal data described in the Policy, please do not use the Website.

VIII. Miscellaneous

The legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to these Terms and Conditions. For matters not settled by the Terms and Conditions the provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

The Terms and Conditions could be amended at any time unilaterally by DPC. When amending the Terms and Conditions, we shall notify the visitors for these amendments in accordance with the applicable legislation and by publishing the amended Terms on the Website.

All disputes arising between visitors of the Website and DPC, caused by these Terms and Conditions or in regard to them, shall be resolved in a spirit of understanding and goodwill through negotiations and mutual agreements. In case it is impossible to come to an agreement, the dispute shall be resolved by the competent court in Sofia.